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Our Bulk Mailing Software is a web based application hosted with our cloud server, you can access the mailing software from anywhere with your user name and password. We are providing the bulk mailing software with our own dedicated SMTP servers (exclusively maintained for bulk mailing service).Our Mass Mailing Software have all the features for a successful Bulk Mailing Software, it is capable to send more than 100000 bulk mails per day, automatic bulk mail subscription and un-subscription option, option to manage bounced bulk mails, read or open report of your mass email, click through report for tracking visits to your website from your bulk mail campaign, provision to import bulk mail data from excel, CSV, IMAP mail Accounts and other databases, HTML Mailing, provision to save bulk mailing templates in the software etc...

Integrated with our dedicated SMTP server for Bulk Mailing.

Capable to send 100000+ bulk mails per day.

Automatic Bulk Mail / Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe option.

Automatically delete bounced mails from your bulk mailing database / list.

You will get detailed mail read or open report for each mail bulk mailing process.

You can send automated personalized bulk mails to your subscribers with the mail merge option.

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